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Abhijeet's 2024 Creativity Book Recommendations

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Heyaa, it’s Abhijeet. The Book Blabber.

Here I'm listing my favourite classic creativity books. These are some books every creative person should read. It will help you give form to your imagination. You’ll be able to become a more effective content creator and storyteller.

These creativity book recommendations are some of the top books I found helpful as a content writer and marketer.

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If you’re looking for books on creativity, start with the list below. In no particular order.

Let's dive in.

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To Pixar and Beyond

To Pixar and Beyond

To Pixar and Beyond is a book you should pick if you love stories. It’s an emotional ride that captures the journey of Pixar.

It’s about animation and animation businesses. It’s about Pixar.

The book tells the story of Pixar from the early years of being a small animation studio on the verge of falling. It also provides an overview of the entertainment industry.

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Steal Like an Artist

Steal Like an Artist

Steal Like an Artist is a must-read for all creative professionals. In this creative and fun guide, Austin motivates you to explore your artistic side. It’s a collection of his personal experiences.

It shares the secrets to finding inspiration in everything around you.

If you love to create, think or do anything at all creative, this illustrated book is a must-read. The examples, anecdotes and quotes will inspire you for sure.

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Show Your Work

Show Your Work

Show Your Work is another book worth recommending for creators. It’s about getting your work known. The book is full of illustrations, quotes, and stories to illustrate Austin's points.

The book is like a manual, complete with real-life lessons.

It has tips to grow online and practical ways to be a part of various online communities. You’ll also learn etiquettes about online sharing and interaction.

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Keep Going

Keep Going

Keep Going is about maintaining consistency. It shares ways to stay creative and focused over and over again.

The book is like a self-help guide for the creators. It’s full of productivity tips and practical suggestions for a productive creative life.

You'll learn how to keep going and keep creating. And you'll learn how to maintain a routine.

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Pyjama Profit

Pyjama Profit

Pyjama Profit is a basic, but practical guide about freelance work. It provides insights into everything a freelancer needs to know to get started freelancing.

It contains the challenges Varun and Abhinav faced, the way they overcame those, and the lessons they learned.

It can be the resource someone needs to start freelancing and explore their creative potential. And a must-read for freelancers looking to make more money as a newbie.

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Creative Confidence

Creative Confidence

Creative Confidence is a book full of stories about creative problem-solving. Tom and David lay out the principles and strategies through real world examples.

It will inspire you to tap into your hidden creative potential. The book might even be a guide to solving your business problems and making your life easy.

It explores the ways; the mindset shifts different companies have used to solve their problems.

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The Design of Everyday Things

The Design of Everyday Things

The Design of Everyday Things is a book about daily experiences and how creative designers make our life easy. If you’re into user experience and product design, it’s a must-read book.

This book emphasises on the importance of usability of products and services. It has several examples of how the designs of daily use products make our life easy.

And every creative can learn from the principles of usability and Design Thinking shared in it.

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Survival Skills for Freelancers

Survival Skills for Freelancers

Survival Skills for Freelancers is a must-read book for every freelancer out there. It gives a practical view on what makes a freelancer successful. Sarah has written about various ways to deal with the challenges faced during setting up and growing a freelance business.

The book has practical insights to grow a freelance business while managing the tasks at hand. It offers tips on all the different aspects of freelancing.

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The Freelance Introvert

The Freelance Introvert

The Freelance Introvert is a book for freelance professionals, entrepreneurs, and people who want to know more about freelancing. Tom has shared tips, tricks, and hacks for freelancing, along with lessons from his own journey as a freelancer.

The book is especially helpful for introverted writers, designers, editors, and other freelancers. It’s filled with practical tips and techniques to make your life as a freelancer easy.

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The Content Fuel Framework

The Content Fuel Framework

The Content Fuel Framework is like a “Content 101” guide for business owners and newbie content creators. Melanie shares a framework of focus and format to generate meaningful and relevant content ideas. And with its help, you can generate unlimited content ideas.

The book is about generating ideas, using data and implementing them for content marketing. It has tips to keep you afloat in the business world.

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And with that, I’m wrapping this list up.

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