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Heyaa, it’s Abhijeet – your friendly Book Blabber.

Maybe not so friendly yet.

I have been hooked on books since I was knee-high! A measly 5-year-old. Yeah, this love for storytelling has been a lifelong affair. The journey began with kids’ mags and storybooks.

At my current stage, the love is for fiction thrillers and business-y non-fictions.

Now, let’s get straight into business…

Review Genre

When it comes to reading and reviewing books, I have a special love for thriller novels. It can be a psychological thriller, murder mystery, spy story, or any novel with high-octane action, I’m open to reading and reviewing it. Science fictions are my favourite, though.

In non-fictions, I love to read business books. Mostly related to productivity, marketing and sales. If you have a business/entrepreneur biography, you’re most welcome.

Being said that, there are no strict types here. I’m open to a rollercoaster of genres. All I crave is a darn good story. The more diverse I get to explore, the better.

If a book captivates me, I’ll dive into it – whether it fits my preferred genre or not. It’s as simple (and as complex) as that.

Review Style

I have a casual way of reviewing, focused on the narrative: the theme and the story flow. I like to keep my reviews short, mentioning what resonated with me or needed improvement. I like storytelling, and my reviews aim to capture the essence of the book.

I weave in excerpts and quotes from the book where they feel just right. My reviews aren’t page-long dissertation and interpretation. They’re a quick glimpse into the book.

In reviews, I mention who is the book best suited for. I try not to be biased by my own reading choices. But if a story doesn't flow well, I don't hesitate writing a “not recommended” review.

Book Review Portfolio

Review Distribution

Short and snappy reviews hit up Goodreads and Instagram. I’ve built a short following; nothing brag-worthy, yet.

For those seeking a longer coverage, I have my dedicated book blog to publish. It allows me to put forward a better picture of what to expect from the book. You can expect book overview and author intro, along with my usual recommendation (or not) sections.

In addition, I may also post on Twitter, LinkedIn and a bunch of Facebook groups. It depends on the genre and your preference.

Review Terms

Short reviews, long reviews; promotional social media; physical book, eBook… whatever it is, bring it on.


Quick takes (150-200 words) on Goodreads and Instagram? No charge, amigo!

For those looking for a longer dive (500-700 words), need to pay for a published article on my blog. Although charges vary based on the book’s genre and length, it’s not gonna break the bank. A $50 start for a 200-pager, maybe!

Social media cross posting and promotional posts? Tell me about your idea. Maybe we can settle on a deal.


A free physical copy of the book is preferred (if in India). If physical delivery isn’t possible, I’m fine with eBook/Kindle copies, too.


Within 30 days from the receipt of the book. It can vary depending on book’s genre and length and my existing commitments. I need to ensure I have enough time to read the book.

Contact Information

For any enquiry or collaboration… you can slide into my DMs, hit up the email, or drop a note through the blog. Whatever suits you.

Instagram: @bookblabber.abhi

Goodreads: @book-blabber

Expect a reply within 48 hours. You can also mail me at for a quicker (within ~18 hours) reply.

Your Obligation

For a smooth review process and hassle-free collab, I would like you to provide a few details while you reach out.

  • Essential Information: Brief synopsis, author bio and any relevant background information about the book.
  • Story Inspiration: Insights into your life or professional journey that led you to write the book.
  • Visual Impression: Book cover, actual book or any other photo (it can even be yours) that might be relevant to the book’s story/review.

Declination Policy:

While I want to accommodate a diverse range of books in my reading list, sometimes the stars just don’t align. Potential reasons for declining include:

  • Lack of expertise in a particular genre/theme.
  • Conflicts in timeline with existing commitments.
  • Rushed requests with too many deliverables.

I appreciate your understanding and flexibility in these matters.

Cancellation Policy:

I try not to commit to a collab where I can’t perform my part of the deal. Still, life happens, you know. Will inform you as soon as I know I can’t, and negotiate another suitable deal/timeframe.