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5 Books Recommended by Gary Vee for Business Success

Cover Image - 5 Books Recommended by Gary Vee for Business Success

Gary Vee is celebrated for his unconventional approach to business and life. He is an advocate for hustle and innovation. While he isn’t known to be a voracious reader, he has shared about the books he has read sometimes. The books recommended by Gary Vee not only reflect his unique perspectives on entrepreneurship but also offer valuable lessons and strategies for aspiring entrepreneurs.

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Real-Life Scenarios, by Athena du Pré and Eileen Berlin Ray

Real-Life Scenarios is a communication studies textbook focusing on real-world applications of communication theories. Recommended by Gary Vee, the book provides practical insights into effective communication strategies. The book is particularly helpful for those interested in enhancing their communication skills. It offers practical examples to improve interpersonal communication in both personal and professional contexts.

This Is Not a T-Shirt, by Bobby Hundreds

This Is Not a T-Shirt is a memoir that chronicles the journey of Bobby Kim, the co-founder of the streetwear brand The Hundreds. The book provides insights into the entrepreneurial spirit, creative process and challenges of building a successful brand. It’s one of the top books recommended by Gary Vee that provides practical insights into the world of entrepreneurship. It also serves as a motivational read for individuals interested in the fashion industry.

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Steve Jobs, by Walter Isaacson

Steve Jobs by Walter Isaacson is a biography of the co-founder of Apple Inc., Steve Jobs. It provides a comprehensive account of Steve’s life, his role in revolutionizing the tech industry, and his impact on design and innovation. You’ll get a deep understanding of the life and legacy of Steve Jobs. The book also offers valuable lessons in leadership, innovation and the pursuit of excellence.

The Nine, by Jeffrey Toobin

The Nine isn’t a business book per se. It’s a legal and political book that explores the inner workings of the US Supreme Court. The book delves into the lives and decisions of the Supreme Court justices, offering insights into their personalities and the impact of their rulings on American society. It provides an engaging exploration of the individuals whose decisions have far-reaching consequences.

Crushing It!, by Gary Vee

Crushing It! is Gary’s own business and self-help book that offers practical advice and case studies for businesses. It aims to help individuals leverage social media and personal branding to achieve success in their chosen fields. You’ll gain several actionable insights into building a personal brand, navigating social media platforms and achieving entrepreneurial success.

OK, those were all the books recommended by Gary Vee I have for you. These books cover a range of topics, from communication to entrepreneurship. Each book offers unique insights and perspectives that contribute to a well-rounded understanding of diverse subjects.

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