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9 Books Recommended by Naval Ravikant for Personal Growth and Success

Cover Image - 9 Books Recommended by Naval Ravikant for Personal Growth and Success

Few entrepreneurs are as revered as Naval Ravikant. He’s a prominent thinker known for his profound insights on life, happiness. and success. And you’ll find several books recommended by Naval Ravikant in his tweets and interviews. Eric Jorgenson curated Naval’s reading list for easy reference, and this article lists some of the best books that shaped Naval Ravikant’s philosophy. These can help you chart a course towards a more fulfilling life.

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Skin in the Game, by Nassim Taleb

Skin in the Game is one of the most important books recommended by Naval Ravikant. It explores the concept of having a investment (or stake) in the outcomes of decisions. The book encourages you to assess your own level of commitment and involvement in various aspects of life, from business to personal relationships. It shares how true accountability and decision-making prowess come when you have something to lose or gain.

The Bed of Procrustes, by Nassim Taleb

The Bed of Procrustes is another must-read book by Nassim. It’s a collection of aphorisms and philosophical reflections on topics ranging from randomness to decision-making. The book challenges conventional wisdom and explores the limitations of human perception and understanding. It provides thought-provoking insights into the complexities of life and decision-making. And it prompts reflection on the nature of uncertainty and the importance of embracing the unpredictability of the world.

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The Thing Explainer, by Randall Munroe

The Thing Explainer by Randall Munroe takes complex ideas and breaks them down using the most common words in the English language. Recommended by Naval Ravikant, the book offers a humorous way to understand intricate concepts. It explains various things through simple language and illustrations. You’ll gain a unique perspective on various scientific and technical subjects in an entertaining manner.

The Rational Optimist, by Matt Ridley

The Rational Optimist explores the history of human progress and innovation. It challenges pessimistic views and makes a case for the positive trajectory of human civilization. The book argues that trade and cooperation have been the driving forces behind advancements. It gives an understanding of the role of cooperation in societal progress. And it shares an optimistic outlook on the future of humanity.

Six Easy Pieces, by Richard Feynman

Six Easy Pieces is written by the charismatic Nobel laureate Richard Feynman. And it presents key concepts in physics in an engaging manner. The book compiles six lectures that cover fundamental principles in physics. It makes them approachable for everyone with any level of scientific background. Six Easy Pieces serves as an excellent entry point for those interested in delving into the fascinating world of physics.

Poor Charlie’s Almanack, by Charlie Munger

Poor Charlie’s Almanack is among the most popular books recommended by Naval Ravikant. The book is a collection of speeches and writings by Charlie Munger, the renowned investor and business partner of Warren Buffett. It covers a wide range of topics, including investing, decision-making and mental models. And you’ll gain valuable insights into the principles and wisdom of Charlie in this book.

The Lessons of History, by Will Durant and Ariel Durant

The Lessons of History book provides a concise overview of the patterns and lessons found throughout human history. The book explores recurring themes in civilization and the factors that contribute to the rise and fall of societies. Not only does it provides a broad understanding of historical trends but also encourages reflection on the principles that influence societies and individuals, in general.

Sapiens, by Yuval Noah Harari

Sapiens offers a compelling narrative of the history of Homo sapiens, from ancient times to the present. It’s another of the books recommended by Naval Ravikant exploring the cultural, social and cognitive revolutions that have shaped human societies. Reading the book, you’ll get a comprehensive understanding of the major milestones in the history. It also encourages critical thinking about the impact of collective beliefs and structures.

The Almanack of Naval Ravikant, by Eric Jorgenson

The Almanack of Naval Ravikant is a collection of Naval’s own thoughts on life, success and other things. The book, recommended by Naval Ravikant himself, compiles key insights from his podcasts, interviews and writings. Eric distilled the wisdom of Naval Ravikant scattered all around the web. And it acts as a practical guide on leading a fulfilling and purposeful life.

OK, those were all the books recommended by Naval Ravikant. These books offer a diverse range of perspectives on subjects such as decision-making, physics and history. Each book provides valuable insights that can contribute to a well-rounded personal growth and success.

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