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7 Books Recommended by Sam Harris for a Broader Perspective

Cover Image - 7 Books Recommended by Sam Harris for a Broader Perspective

Sam Harris stands as a guide for those seeking a deep understanding of consciousness, philosophy, and the human experience. He has talked about many books that delve deep into the intricacies of the mind on his podcasts and during interviews. The books recommended by Sam Harris offer a unique lens to examine the complexities of our existence.

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Superintelligence, by Nick Bostrom

Superintelligence is one of the most popular books recommended by Sam Harris. It explores the potential impact of artificial superintelligence on humanity. Nick’s exploration encourages thoughtful reflection on the effects of advancing technology. The book delves into the ethical and existential risks of developing highly intelligent machines. It examines the implications for society and offers insights into the responsible advancement of artificial intelligence.

The Last Word, by Thomas Nagel

The Last Word is a philosophical exploration of the nature of moral and existential questions. Thomas presents sustained reasoning against the attacks of subjectivism. He reflects on the limits of objectivity in understanding subjective experiences. And he believes that the last word in disputes about the objective validity of any form of thought must lie in some unqualified thoughts about how things are.

A History of Western Philosophy, by Bertrand Russell

A History of Western Philosophy is another of the best books recommended by Sam Harris. It provides an overview of major philosophical movements, ideas and influential thinkers. The book has a comprehensive survey of Western philosophical thoughts from the pre-Socratic era to the early 20th century. You’ll have a broad understanding of the evolution of Western philosophy and its key figures through this book.

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Humiliation, by William Ian Miller

Humiliation book explores the psychological and social dimensions of humiliation. It prompts reflection on the dynamics of power, shame and resilience. William examines the power dynamics, emotional impact and cultural aspects of humiliation in the book. He also offers insights into this complex and often overlooked aspect of human experience.

Behave, by Robert M. Sapolsky

Behave book combines neuroscience, biology and psychology to explore the factors that influence human behaviour. Robert’s engaging and accessible style makes complex scientific concepts accessible to a broad audience. The book considers the role of genes, environment and individual experiences in shaping actions. And it offers a multidisciplinary perspective on the complexities of human behaviour.

Hitch-22, by Christopher Hitchens

Hitch-22 is the memoir of the late Christopher Hitchens, a renowned journalist, essayist and critic. The book provides a candid and reflective account of his life, spanning his childhood, journalistic career, and intellectual journey. Christopher shares his perspectives on politics, religion and personal experiences.

Waking Up, by Sam Harris

Waking Up is written by Samuel himself. It explores the nature of consciousness, spirituality and the practice of mindfulness. In the book, you’ll find a thoughtful exploration of spirituality, meditation and consciousness. Sam has combined different scientific enquiries with personal experiences to examine the role of spirituality in the modern world. His approach bridges scientific and contemplative perspectives, making the book a valuable resource.

OK, those were all the books recommended by Sam Harris. These books cover various topics, from artificial intelligence and philosophy to spirituality. Each of them encourages readers to engage with complex ideas and broaden their understanding of the world.

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