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7 Books Recommended by Indra Nooyi for Business and Beyond

Cover Image - 7 Books Recommended by Indra Nooyi for Business and Beyond

Indra Nooyi, renowned for her transformative role as the former CEO of PepsiCo, is not only celebrated for her corporate achievements but also for her intellectual curiosity. Beyond the boardroom, she has often publicly shown her love for literature through tweets and different reading lists. These books recommended by Indra Nooyi offer valuable lessons on business as well as personal growth.

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Winning Now, Winning Later, by David M. Cote

Winning Now, Winning Later book provides a strategic roadmap for leaders looking to balance short-term results with long-term sustainability. The book serves as a guide for navigating the complexities of business. David shares valuable lessons on managing the tension between immediate business needs and creating a successful future. The book’s insights into effective leadership and decision-making make it one of the top books recommended by Indra Nooyi.

Trade is Not a Four-Letter Word, by Fred Hochberg

Trade is Not a Four-Letter Word explores the role of trade in the global economy, dispelling myths and misconceptions surrounding international trade. Fred provides a comprehensive view of the impact of trade policies on businesses and nations in this book. And you’ll gain a nuanced understanding of the complexities of global trade and its positive contributions to economic development.

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Dignity in a Digital Age, by Ro Khanna

Dignity in a Digital Age is another of the must-read books recommended by Indra Nooyi. The book explores the intersection of technology, policy, and human dignity in the digital era. It examines how technology can be harnessed to improve lives and address societal challenges. In the book, Ro advocates for policies that promote innovation while ensuring the protection of individual dignity. It prompts reflection on the responsible use of technology.

The Perfect Weapon, by David E. Sanger

The Perfect Weapon delves into the world of cyber warfare and its effects on global security. The book serves as an exploration of the challenges and risks associated with the digital age. David has provided a compelling narrative on the use of cyber tools and the challenges they pose. You’ll gain a deep understanding of the complexities of cyber warfare and its potential impact on international relations.

The Chancellor, by Kati Marton

The Chancellor by Kati Marton is a biography that chronicles the life and leadership of Angela Merkel, the Chancellor of Germany. It provides an insightful portrayal of Angela’s journey and her impact on global politics. And the book offers valuable insights into navigating complex geopolitical landscapes and the challenges of leadership at the highest levels. Kati explores Merkel’s leadership style, decision-making and contributions to global affairs.

Unfinished Business, by Anne-Marie Slaughter

Unfinished Business explores the challenges and opportunities for achieving gender equality in the workplace. It dives into the complexities women face in balancing career and family. The book offers a thought-provoking perspective on reshaping societal norms and policies to support work-life balance for both men and women. It also prompts discussions on creating inclusive work environments and fostering diversity.

My Life in Full, by Indra Nooyi

And at the end of this list of Indra Nooyi recommended books is her own autobiography. In this memoir, Indra reflects on her life, career, and leadership journey. My Life in Full provides a firsthand account of her experiences as a pioneering woman in business. It offers insights into her leadership philosophy and decision-making. It serves as an inspiring and instructive narrative, providing valuable lessons for aspiring leaders to fuel business and personal growth.

OK, those were all the books recommended by Indra Nooyi I have for you. These books will give you a unique perspective on leadership, corporate governance and the challenges faced by women in different roles.

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