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9 Books Recommended by Anand Mahindra That Resonate with Success

Cover Image - 9 Books Recommended by Anand Mahindra That Resonate with Success

Anand Mahindra, the eminent business tycoon, is known for his visionary leadership. He has also openly shared his appreciation for books. The books recommended by Anand Mahindra not only provide insights into his thinking but also offer valuable lessons and inspiration for your own journey to success.

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Accidental India, by Shankkar Aiyar

Accidental India book provides an insightful exploration of India’s economic transformation. it takes you on its journey from a planned economy to a market-driven one. The book delves into the events and decisions that shaped India’s economic policies. And it provides a nuanced understanding of the economic forces that have shaped India’s trajectory.

The Tech Phoenix, by T.N. Manoharan and V. Pattabhi Ram

The Tech Phoenix book explores the fall and revival of the Indian information technology (IT) industry after the Satyam Computers fiasco. It narrates the events of the 100 days immediately following the founder’s letter. And it provides a comprehensive overview of the challenges and the strategies employed to overcome them. You can get valuable lessons to navigate a rapidly changing technological landscape.

Race for Tomorrow, by Simon Mundy

Race for Tomorrow is one of the latest books recommended by Anand Mahindra. It explores how the climate crisis affects communities, businesses, innovation and other aspects of the modern world. The book covers topics such as green energy, fake meat, and fusion power, and it offers a compelling account of disaster, promise, and hope.

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Iqbal Singh Chahal, by Minhaz Merchant

Iqbal Singh Chahal is a book about the Commissioner of the Municipal Corporation of Greater Mumbai. It tells the story of how he and his team successfully tackled the Covid-19 pandemic with a series of innovations known as the “Mumbai Model.” The book is based on exclusive interviews and documents. It reveals the strategy and challenges faced by him and his team in controlling the pandemic in one of the world’s most densely populated cities.

A Promised Land, by Barack Obama

A Promised Land is the memoir of Barack Obama, the 44th President of the US. The book reflects on Obama’s early political career, his presidency, and the challenges and decisions he faced during his time in office. It provides a firsthand account of significant events and decisions during Obama's presidency. It also offers insights into the complexities of leadership and the pursuit of positive change on a global scale.

Girl Power, by Neha J Hiranandani

Girl Power is a collection of biographies featuring Indian women who have broken barriers and achieved remarkable success in various fields. It tells the stories of fifty women: scientists, artists, entrepreneurs, and more. The book traces the journeys of these Indian women who have defied societal norms and made significant strides in their respective fields.

The Billionaire Raj, by James Crabtree

The Billionaire Raj explores the rise of extreme wealth and economic inequality in India. James documents the struggle between equality and privilege playing out at the heart of this emerging superpower. The book takes a cursory glance at the role of crony capitalism and corruption and the challenges and opportunities for economic reform and social justice.

The Optimist Creed, by Christian D. Larson

The Optimist Creed is among the popular books recommended by Anand Mahindra. It’s a motivational and philosophical work that espouses the principles of optimism, positive thinking and self-improvement. It encourages everyone to adopt a positive mindset in life. You’ll find inspiration and practical guidance for cultivating a positive outlook on life.

Change the Rules, by Anand Mahindra

Change the Rules is a short e-book by Anand Mahindra himself. It’s based on his speech at the convocation ceremony of the 2014 graduating class of IIM Ahmedabad. Through this book, he shares his insights on leadership and innovation in a changing business environment. He also gives examples of how some of the successful entrepreneurs changed the rules to create new opportunities. It’s an inspiring read for anyone who wants to pursue their dreams.

OK, those were all the books recommended by Anand Mahindra I have for you. These books are on a range of topics, including economic development, leadership and personal growth.

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