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15 Books Recommended by Ankur Warikoo for a Balanced Life

Cover Image - 15 Books Recommended by Ankur Warikoo for a Balanced Life

Ankur Warikoo, the well-known entrepreneur and influencer, often advocates personal growth and balance in life. He maintains a reading list helpful for everyone in pursuit of a balanced and fulfilling life. The books recommended by Ankur Warikoo navigate various domains, like leadership, spirituality and self-discovery. And these can help you on the journey toward your holistic well-being.

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As a Man Thinketh, by James Allen

As a Man Thinketh is a classic book that explores the power of thoughts in shaping one’s life. It offers practical wisdom for cultivating a positive mindset and achieving personal growth. In the book, James emphasized the correlation between thoughts and character, highlighting the impact of positive thinking on personal development and success.

The Psychology of Money, by Morgan Housel

The Psychology of Money delves into the psychological factors influencing financial decisions. It explores the complex relationship between money and human behaviour. And it offers some practical advice for building a healthy and sustainable relationship with finances. The book helps understand the behavioural aspects of money management while providing valuable insights into making better financial choices.

The Almanack of Naval Ravikant, by Eric Jorgenson

The Almanack of Naval Ravikant is one of the most popular books recommended by Ankur Warikoo. It’s a collection of insights and wisdom from entrepreneur Naval Ravikant. The book acts as a guide to living a meaningful and purposeful life. It covers a range of topics, including happiness, success and the pursuit of wealth, providing actionable advice and thought-provoking reflections.

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No Rules Rules, by Reed Hastings

No Rules Rules is a business story written by Reed Hastings, the co-founder of Netflix. The book explores the company’s unique culture and management philosophy. It shares insights into fostering a culture of innovation and adaptability, challenging traditional corporate norms. And it also offers lessons on leadership, creativity, and the importance of embracing change in the business world.

Deep Work, by Cal Newport

Deep Work by Cal Newport explores the concept of deep, focused work and its impact on productivity and success. In this age of constant distractions, the book has several strategies for cultivating deep work habits. It’s a guide to mastering the art of concentration in a world filled with distractions, offering a roadmap for achieving peak performance. You’ll learn many focus and productivity techniques to implement professionally and personally.

Linchpin, by Seth Godin

Linchpin explores the concept of linchpins – individuals who bring unique value and creativity to their work. The book challenges conventional notions of work and encourages everyone to become indispensable contributors in their organizations. It offers insights into the qualities that make individuals indispensable in any professional setting. Seth wants you to embrace your creativity and uniqueness in the workplace.

Rework, by Jason Fried and David Heinemeier Hansson

Rework is one of the top business books recommended by Ankur Warikoo. It’s another offbeat book that presents unconventional business advice. It challenges traditional approaches to work and productivity, routing for a more pragmatic and effective mindset. The book has plenty of actionable insights for entrepreneurs and business leaders who would like to run successful, innovative ventures.

Atomic Habits, by James Clear

Atomic Habits is a life-changing book, exploring the power of tiny habits in creating remarkable change. James has built a comprehensive guide to understanding and transforming habits. He emphasizes the cumulative impact of small, consistent actions in building positive habits and breaking detrimental ones. The book serves as a roadmap for personal development and achieving long-term success.

Autobiography of a Yogi, by Paramahansa Yogananda

Autobiography of a Yogi is Paramahansa Yogananda’s spiritual memoir, recounting his life’s journey and experiences on the path of yoga and self-realization. The book explores Eastern spirituality and the quest for higher consciousness. And it offers a transformative perspective on life, consciousness, and the pursuit of inner peace. It’s an immersive read that dives into the profound teachings of spirituality.

The Monk Who Sold His Ferrari, by Robin Sharma

The Monk Who Sold His Ferrari is a motivational novel that follows the journey of a successful lawyer who embarks on a spiritual quest. The book explores themes of purpose, happiness and the pursuit of a meaningful life. It offers lessons on finding balance, inner peace and true fulfilment. And it will inspire you to reflect on your life choices and priorities.

Man’s Search for Meaning, by Viktor Frankl

Man’s Search for Meaning is a profound exploration of finding purpose and meaning in the midst of suffering. It offers timeless wisdom on finding purpose, even in the face of adversity. Viktor is a Holocaust survivor and psychiatrist who shared his experiences in the book. He also shared insights into the human capacity for resilience and hope.

Sapiens, by Yuval Noah Harari

Sapiens is one of the most thought-provoking books recommended by Ankur Warikoo. It’s an exploration of the history of humans, tracing the evolution of human societies and cultures. In the book, Yuval examines the impact of key events and developments on shaping the modern world. You’ll gain a broad understanding of the forces that have shaped human civilizations throughout time.

#Tatastories, by Harish Bhat

#Tatastories book offers inspiration from one of India’s most iconic and socially responsible corporate entities. It’s a collection of anecdotes and stories highlighting the values and legacy of the Tata Group of India. The book provides a glimpse into the diverse businesses of the Tata conglomerate and its impact on India and the world. You’ll gain an understanding of Tata’s contributions to business and society.

A Man Called Ove, by Fredrik Backman

A Man Called Ove is a heartwarming and humorous novel about Ove, a grumpy yet endearing man. The story explores themes of friendship, love and the unexpected joys that come from connecting with others. It takes you into a poignant exploration of the human condition and the transformative power of relationships. You’re bound to be moved by the emotional depth and humour in this novel.

Before the Coffee Gets Cold, by Toshikazu Kawaguchi

Before the Coffee Gets Cold is a novel set in a Tokyo cafe where visitors have the opportunity to travel back in time. The book explores the complexities of human relationships and the impact of choices on one’s life. It has a unique exploration of time and the interconnectedness of lives. And it can captivate you by its magical and thought-provoking narrative.

OK, those were all the books recommended by Ankur Warikoo I have for you. These books cover a diverse range of topics, including personal development, business and spirituality. And they offer valuable perspectives on life.

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